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West End College London in Partnership with Coventry University London Campus

West End College London prides itself on the cultural diversity of its student body and has been delivering high quality academic and vocational courses since 2005. Our college has recently sent up an agreement with Coventry University London Campus (CULC) that will ensure a guaranteed progression route open to all students who successfully complete an ABE qualification at West End College London (WECL). Students will then be eligible for a West End College London scholarship* for their final year at Coventry University London Campus studying selected BA (Hons) or MBA programmes. 


Students who successfully complete level 6 Advance diploma in Business Management, Marketing and financial Management will be eligible for entry to the final year of a BA degree programme at (CULC). 

In addition, students will be expected to undertake in-depth study of particular areas of interest dependent on previous study and knowledge which will help prepare them for a career in international business and management. 


The BA (hons) undergraduate programme has been formulated with specific focus on business in an international context and will provide students with the opportunity to develop a good understanding of business issues/trends and applying theory to practice where necessary. 

Students progressing to a BA (hons) programme in Global Business will be entitled to a scholarship amounting to £3060. Therefore the students will only have to pay a quarter of the sum £6500 for their final year top-up culminating in BA (hons) in Global Business. There are two intakes a year for top-up  - January and September. 


The MBA programmes are designed to provide students with skills and the mindset to operate and lead organisations of the future and will increase your exposure to the commercial world. The MBA course is demanding so that students have the skills to operate effectively within the market place. What's more, they will have the option to do a three month internship within the business field. Students will benefit from this as they will receive rigorous training within the UK workplace and to get a better understanding of business practices; throughout the work placement students will be fully supported by a tutor and business mentor. 


Students opting to study at (CULC) will develop their professional and business skills through a whole range of experiences, from work-based learning in global organisations to our networking events with industry leaders. 

Coventry University London College believes in helping students build upon their ideal career. (CULC) expertise in business and an in-depth understanding of the industry requirements has informed a curriculum that is based on creating graduates with real employable skills. 


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