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VTCT’s new beauty therapy resource packs fly off the shelves as tutors prepare for the new term…

Earlier this year VTCT launched a brand new Level 2 Beauty Therapy Resource Pack for tutors and students. The innovative support package helps tutors and students achieve the evidence required to complete their qualification.

Andy Wilson, publisher and distributor of VTCT’s new Level 2 Beauty Therapy resource has reported high sales and impressive feedback from VTCT centres. “Many centres are ordering complete batches of the VTCT evidence files for all their tutors and learners on level 2 beauty therapy courses. So many tutors have told me how impressed and relieved they are, at not having to develop any more assignments or map course work, since it is all done and packaged in the new VTCT evidence file. The fact that the packs are also available online and can be used in the VTCT e-portfolio is a real breakthrough, they tell me”.

‘Very straight forward and easy to use, as it mirrors the assessment book completely’

‘Logical, minimal, but completely self-contained and really suited the way I work!’

‘I wish we had been given these at the beginning of the course as it makes life so much easier and I can concentrate on my practical assessments!’

These are just some of the comments from the class of level 2 Beauty Therapy students at Peter Symonds College who have been working with the new portfolio materials which have been developed by Head of Department at the college, and published author Jane Hiscock and reviewed and edited by VTCT staff in both the Qualifications and Quality Assurance departments.

These evidence packs were first conceived when Jane attended a workshop on holistic assessment delivered by the VTCT Development Officers and hosted by Eastleigh College. In the beauty working group which was facilitated by VTCT Development Officer for Beauty Therapy Carina Fagan and VTCT Chief Verifier Gerri Moore participants (including Jane) were given a task to see how much integrated evidence could be drawn out from a waxing unit and discussions took place about how one piece of work could meet the evidence requirements for many assessment criteria within a unit and even across units. Following the workshop, VTCT decided to commission Jane Hiscock and publisher The Write Idea to develop evidence packs mapped to the VTCT Record of Assessment books for all mandatory and selected optional units in the level 2 beauty VRQ and NVQ qualifications.

As Jane completed each unit she passed them on to her student groups to obtain feedback and to see how easy her students found it to use the new materials. This gave her the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments and tailor the evidence files for student needs.

The two groups who piloted this scheme comprised 24 students with a wide variety of experience, qualifications and ages from 16 to 40 and beyond! Some have a high level of academic qualification (one student has a degree) and some have none, so this was a good target group to trial the materials.

It was very important to VTCT that the evidence packs enhanced the excellent assessment practice at VTCT centres. VTCT advocates ‘holistic assessment’ which is a learner-led/student-centred approach to assessment, which should be focussed on naturally occurring evidence.

Carina Fagan, VTCT Development Officer (Health & Beauty) says “Although this method of ‘working smart and not hard’ is more efficient and enjoyable for both tutor and student alike, holistic assessment is not a punchy title behind which sloppy assessment practice or inadequate evidencing can be hidden.

Every piece of evidence produced by Jane has been approved by the VTCT Chief Verifier to ensure that it will be accepted as valid evidence by all VTCT external verifiers. The focus is on the quality of evidence rather than quantity and evidence is kept to a minimum, in an integrated manner.

Students feel supported and empowered as they understand where their evidence is coming from and have a framework in place from the very beginning of the course. This reflects the OFSTED guidance for supporting the learner in teaching, learning and assessment, so should support the tutor with inspection and lesson observations. VTCT have found that employers favour qualification holders who have a proven track record of being able to integrate knowledge and practice.”

For information on how to order VTCT Level 2 Beauty Therapy Resource Evidence Files for your learners and tutors go to www.writeidea.co.uk or contact VTCT Customer Service: +44 (0) 23 8068 4500.

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