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One arrived in his tank, two TV show winners came fresh from meetings with Richard Branson and all three were joined by sparring boxers and a chart-topping DJ for an entrepreneur-packed Higher Education Enterprise Conference this week.


“A host of entrepreneurs were on hand at our Loughborough College event to share their experiences, insights and top tips for students keen to set up their own business or eager to give themselves an all-important advantage in a competitive job market,” said Tina Smith, Foundation Degree Course Manager at the College.


With Richard Branson already  offering a trip out to Bondi Beach to test the prototype and BBC TV’s ‘Be Your Own Boss’ host - Innocent drinks co-founder Richard Reed - providing investment, students heard about the exciting start to Ross Kemp’s journey into entrepreneurship and the development of his life-saving ASAP Watercraft.


Another winner from ‘Be Your Own Boss’, Jacob Hill, described how he started out selling sweets at 14 before organising events at 16 and has now won festival-going fans across the country by putting a complete outdoors kit in a bag, halving the average equipment bill through his business The Lazy Camper.


Duncan Rogers and his team  parked their tank outside and Loughborough College students joined them to hear about Tank Mania, the business Duncan launched when he left the military - giving people the chance to ride in and even drive some serious big toys.


One of the UK’s top DJs, and Loughborough College lecturer, Claire Spooner has held the number one spot for weeks in the Beatport Charts with her self-penned and produced electronic music track and brought those famous decks to the conference while the College’s Kerry Hearsey, who has worked with Olympic, Paralympic and professional athletes and has taken her skills to create BounceZup, advised students on developing winning communication and presentation skills.


Kaine Management talked about how they have sung for the Queen and have worked to inspire young people through their musical charity programmes and boxing coach Carl Gunns set up some sparring with boxers from the social enterprise he manages and runs, teaching young people how to box.


“It was a day full of demos, master classes and workshops, as well as the chance to find out about work placements and internships for the summer,” added Tina Smith.


“At Loughborough College we look for every opportunity for young people to find out first hand what it means to have that enterprising edge." 





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