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Peterborough Regional College renews its contract for Intuition

Peterborough Regional College has been an Intuition customer since 2012. The College is the largest educational institution serving Peterborough and serves around 8,500 students annually from age 14 upwards. The College specialises in vocational education, apprenticeships and skills training. Peterborough Regional College is currently rated ‘good with outstanding features’ by Ofsted (2012).

We have spoken with Katie McAllister, Student Wellbeing and Enrichment Manager, about how Peterborough Regional College has been using Intuition so far.

“Currently Intuition is used for all areas except counselling.  This includes welfare, financial, medical, enrichment, ALS, safeguarding and disciplinary data.” says Katie McAllister. “In addition, we upload our ALS learner IDs so that we can see the support learners are accessing across the college. This enables us to gather information and signpost far more quickly than a set of separate databases and allows easy identification of any vulnerable individuals/groups. 

The reporting allows us to identify and address patterns such as providing specialist scissor guards as we noted an increase in first aid accidents in hairdressing; employment of a mental health specialist following increased mental health records.  Reports are generated for the curriculum areas so that the managers can identify strengths and areas for improvement such as under attendance to key events.  In addition, the reports enable the managers to identify the percentage of leaners that fall into the categories for their curriculum area, information that can be added to the SAR.  For example: A 96% retention and 92% success rate was achieved with 10% of learners in this area were identified with a safeguarding need; 15% accessed welfare support; 8% had ALS requirements. 

Each report is reviewed with the ‘So what’ question in mind; with year on year comparisons available for us to measure impact.”

Active: Peterborough Regional College has integrated event attendance reporting to support their learners, can you tell us a bit more?

“We scan every ID badge for all our events, student meetings and groups accessing support such as the breakfast club or the youth centre” Katie continues. “This is then uploaded as a CSV file so that we can report back to the curriculum numbers attending (and not attending) events, identify learners accessing extra support, and report on learners taking an active role in the College such as parliament meetings.”

Active: How does Intuition help you during Ofsted inspections?

“We are due an Ofsted inspection any minute but the system has helped us provide evidence for matrix IAG, Customer Service Excellence, the BIG award for anti-bullying, Career Mark and the 360 Safe award.  We can take a college wide approach to our student support though this system.”

Active: Are you happy with the service Active is providing?

Yes, the helpline is always professionally dealt with.  We would not be able to create and maintain a cross-college database like this ourselves.

Active: Thank you for your time, Katie.

To learn more about Intuition, please visit our website.

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