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New film launched to help budding apprentices apply for vacancies

A new film has been launched today by the National Apprenticeship Service to guide prospective apprentices through up to 17,000 Apprenticeship vacancies available at any one time and to help them to submit a successful application.


Featuring a leading employer, a training provider and two apprentices, the new film provides a step-by-step guide through the Apprenticeship vacancies service available via Apprenticeships.org.uk and also now available via the new Av Search app for iPhone and Android.  


The film, which is featured on apprentice.tv, explains how to create an account, prepare a profile and search for vacancies that match a candidate’s specific requirements. Talking about their real-life experiences, the interviewees explain what applicants can expect at every stage from the initial search for vacancies through to starting their Apprenticeship.


The film also offers tips and advice to help candidates ensure they are ‘FIT’ for the job by finding out more about the employer and job, identifying their skills and interests clearly in their application and tailoring their submission to each vacancy.


David Way, chief executive of the National Apprenticeship Service said:

“There are Apprenticeships in more industries and sectors than many may think, from marketing to accountancy, engineering to veterinary nursing and community arts to construction. There are thousands of vacancies on our website right now and the new film will provide great guidance on how to apply for an Apprenticeship.”


The new film will form part of an online advertising campaign aimed at young people. The adverts will appear on Facebook and YouTube until May 2013.


The interviewees in the film were:

  • Ceri Tranter, Head of Contact Centre, Outsource Training and Development Ltd
  • James Brophy, Higher Business Administration Apprentice, British Airways
  • James Lawrence, Apprenticeship Programme Manager, Visa Europe
  • Jenny Catlin, Apprenticeships Development Manager, National Apprenticeship Service
  • Monica Wilson, PR Higher Apprentice, Claremont


To find out more about Apprenticeships and the benefits of taking on an apprentice, visit www.apprenticeships.org.uk.


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