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Bedford College Art and Design staff and students spent a fantastic thee days in the stunning grounds of Shuttleworth College as part of a field course.

Armed with pencils, chalks, paints and inks the students entered the grounds to explore and document their surroundings through a series of arranged activities.

With a strong focus on sustainability the project started with 'Leave no footprint…' a day of drawing, creating, photography and interventions that would leave no trace of human hands on the environment.

Students created a panoramic of the estate by sitting in formation with each person drawing what they saw. The final piece was created when all work was combined was a unique drawing/painting of the view.

On Day Two students worked with natural materials and found objects to create beautiful and environmentally friendly works. They built works from leaves and twigs and created complex and intriguing pieces. Some students played with patterns and colour using leaves to make stunning shapes and structures while others created earthworks and models. Students used a variety of natural techniques including weaving, whittling and carving. Having to build without the help of glue and nails gave the structures a temporary quality and challenged students to be creative in their approach to the project and use real ingenuity in their designs.

The final day went on into the evening with a BBQ for the staff and students. Fire sculptures were made, then photographed and filmed and students took part in sawdust and coke firing to produce various ceramic sculptures and mouldings. There was also a night photography assignment that encouraged students to respond to their surroundings as well as document the work being made on site that evening.

The three days were a huge success and the students who took part produced some exceptional work, which was put on display in the corridors the Bedford College's South Bank Arts Centre.

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