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How Grimsby Institute uses Labour/Insight to get a competitive advantage

Labour market information (LMI) is at the heart of strategic decisions at the Grimsby Institute Group, one of England’s largest providers of Further and Higher Education. They have always used publicly available labour market data including governmental statistics to support their curriculum planning and overall business strategy. What they were lacking was granularity that would give them more competitive edge. That is why, in 2014, they decided to purchase Labour/Insight as a source of real-time labour market information to provide the “here and now” data to validate labour market predictions and models.

Using LMI to fuel the Group strategy

We talked with Hugh Callaway, Executive Director of Marketing at the Grimsby Institute Group about how they use Labour/Insight. He said:  “Labour/Insight is used extensively by the marketing team in our LMI activity which includes providing insight to strategy, curriculum planning and IAG. I find Labour/Insight provides a clarity and enhances government-based statistics. It is a vital part of our suite of labour market tools that provide detailed intelligence.”

Curriculum planning

Since purchasing Labour/Insight, the Grimsby Institute are finding more ways to use it, as Labour/Insight offers the flexibility of a labour market analysis tool and supports detail analysis – for example who is currently hiring in the region or what skills are in demand locally for various occupations. This feeds back to their curriculum planning as well as marketing activities. They have decided to share a student-friendly version of their labour market reports with their students to help them choose the right course as well as show the value of the courses the Grimsby Institute group is offering.

You can read more details in the Case Study.

About Labour/Insight

Labour/Insight is a source of real-time labour market intelligence that allows for a granular analysis of local job vacancies.

Read more about Labout/Insight

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