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Firm set up to help UK’s ‘sleeping army’ of tradesmen get into work

A new organisation has been set up to help trainee plumbers, electricians and renewable energy installers get their qualifications and get jobs.


Trades for Life has been founded in response to the plethora of adult learners who start retraining as tradesmen but can’t get jobs because they do not have the vital NVQ level 2 qualification.


In order to complete the qualification students must have their practical work assessed but adult learners struggle to tick this final box because many training providers do not guarantee them the opportunity to get hands-on experience.


Trades for Life has been set up to help students, many of whom are mature students and career changers, jump the final hurdle and complete the final part of their NVQ in just three weeks.


Director Jo Marriott said:  “We’re at a real turning point in the economy where there’s an opportunity to get Britain working again, particularly in the construction sector where output has risen in the first quarter of 2014. But sadly there is a ‘sleeping army’ of tradesmen out there, on the cusp of being ready to work but missing the final tick in the box.


“If we can give them the shot in the arm they need we have the opportunity to breathe new life into the construction sector and ensure the UK has a fully qualified workforce, poised to spring into action.”


Trades for Life will also provide support for students once they have completed their qualifications. This includes help with setting up their own businesses, workshops on everything from tax returns to new regulations and access to a network of other tradesmen across the country.


Jo added: “Many adult learners feel lost once they’ve received their qualification and get a sense of ‘what now?’. Trades for Life aims to effectively hold their hand through that sometimes daunting time and help them either set up their own business or get a job.”


While Trades for Life was only set up this summer, the organisation has already had success by landing a deal with major training provider ERR Limited to provide support to all of its students. With over 5,200 learners training with the company every year, Trades for Life will ensure each and every one gets the extra support they need to get a job. 


Already the partnership has helped some 35 learners complete their qualifications by giving them hands-on experience at The Grange development in Dunstable, where their work has been assessed.


Jo concluded: “There’s so much more to getting a job than having a qualification. Hands-on experience, contacts and additional skills are all elements that will help graduates set themselves apart and importantly, get earning.”


To find out more visit www.tradesforlife.co.uk




For more information contact

Laura Downton

Carswell Gould

023 80 238001



Notes to editors


Case studies on learners who have completed their NVQ qualifications with help from Trades for Life are available, with photography. Contact Laura Downton to obtain.


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