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FE Careers celebrates 11 year anniversary with new site launch

FE Careers (www.FEcareers.co.uk) has launched a new job advertising site to celebrate their 11 year anniversary. FE Careers is the largest job advertising site in Further Education, Work Based Learning and Employability with more than 1500 jobs live per day and over 600,000 job seeker user sessions per month.

The new FE Careers site has a completely revamped design with the candidate user experience in mind, and also boasts a series of sector-first job advertising tools such as the ability to add video adverts into job listings, and one click social share for vacancies.

With the increase in FE Careers visitors using mobile phones to access the site, the FE Careers team have developed a new, slimmed down mobile recruitment platform. Visitors will be given the choice of whether to use a streamlined mobile version for speed or to use the responsive design full version of the site.

Gavin O’Meara, head of digital and chief executive of FE Careers and its FE News sister site, said: “Online job advertising has changed dramatically in the past 11 years. Back in 2003 we had to explain to people why advertising online was a good idea.

“The digital world is now an integral part of everyone’s lives and with this comes so much more choice for our customers. In the FE sector prior to 2003, the choice to advertise a vacancy or find a new job was really quite limited to looking in a newspaper with a limited shelf life, or through word of mouth. In a way it seems like a completely different world now.

“We also wanted to empower visitors with more choices as part of our new design, so the visitor can choose to engage with the site however they want to. If they come to it via a mobile device, they can either work on a slimmed down mobile site, or engage FE Careers in its entirety with a responsive design.”

The new FE Careers site has several industry firsts such as video advertising in job listings and one click social share for vacancies.

Mr O’Meara explains the reason for these implementations on FE Careers: “The majority of our advertisers and candidates love to socialise on different platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. We wanted to make it really easy to share jobs with a one click system to enable vacancies to be engaged across a multiplatform environment. We are in 2014, not 2003, visitors engage with you through numerous channels.

“I am also really excited about the site’s new video integration. Most people in the FE sector know about our passion for video content through our news site www.fenews.co.uk – some even refer to FE News as the video news site.

“I think in reality it is still very early days for video to be incorporated into the recruitment world, but I was keen to give clients the option to easily add video content to their job listings to provide a snapshot of what it is like to work with an employer. I am really excited to see how this rolls out and how candidates enjoy this service”.

FE Careers have also just announced their partnership with Apprenticeships4England, the largest social network in the FE sector with more than 22,000 active LinkedIn members.

Lindsay McCurdy, CEO of Apprenticeships 4 England, said: “Apprenticeships4England is delighted to be working with FE Careers on offering a one stop shop for organisations looking for new staff or people looking for the their next career move. This is a very exciting time for both our organisations as the largest social media group of its kind with the largest FE job advertising site in the sector to start working together in partnership, which can only be good news for the sector”.


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