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Exciting opportunities in the world of logistics and supply chain

Logistics and Supply Chain is one of the most exciting and dynamic sectors for young people to be involved in today, yet the sector needs to attract more graduates to fill a growing skills gap. A new degree, which offers a guaranteed job, is a powerful and persuasive proposition to encourage the best talent to consider a career in the sector, explains Andy Kaye, Chair, Steering Committee of The Novus Trust.



Organisations are increasingly focusing on their supply chains. This makes it imperative for the sector to attract the best young talent; people who are capable of keeping abreast of new technology and systems and who possess the kind of soft skills required for the role -such as good customer service, communication, leadership, and people management skills.


Today’s logistics and supply chain sector is sophisticated, intellectual and technology-led. Managers are supporting omni-channel retail, globalisation, sustainability, collaboration and mitigating supply chain risk to ensure the right product is in the right place at the right time. It is a career with great prospects, where top supply chain directors can earn a six-figure salary.


The sector makes so much possible: your local supermarket stocking all the groceries that you want, in ever expanding varieties and ranges; your flight taking off on time with enough to eat and drink on board; greater accessability to technology that is changing our lives, such as smart phones and tablet computers; your online shopping delivered to your front door – and picked up if you don’t want it; your favourite band having all their equipment to play on a festival’s main stage; and essential supplies needed to provide humanitarian relief to get anywhere in the world where they are needed as quickly as possible. These are just some of the challenges facing supply chain and logistics managers who must go about delivering everyday life, every day.


No matter what exciting career you choose, the big concern young people have today when considering a degree is the high cost of study. So it is vital to weigh up very carefully what course to take. Fees of up to £9000 a year may deter many. Charging fees that are significantly lower will clearly make it a less fearful proposition, particularly if that degree guarantees a job for graduates.


This is the innovation behind a new 4-year Logistics and Supply Chain BSc degree course, sponsored by major companies in the industry and introduced by The Novus Trust. The degree will arm graduates with the tools they need for a successful career in the industry, starting with a guaranteed job from one of the course sponsors. Eighteen leading firms including Sainsbury’s, DHL, Travis Perkins, have now signed up as sponsors.


In addition to an initial joining fee of £5000, sponsoring companies provide mentors, paid placements in the holiday periods and third year, course content and case studies and, finally, at least 1 graduate job per year commencing in September 2017. A proportion of the graduate salary will be used to repay student loans. The scheme is run on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis, with Novus, a charitable trust, administrating the entity.


The course covers core subjects such as supply chain management, finance, statistics, organisational structure and methods, sociology, psychology, transport network design, warehouse design, inventory management, supply chain IT and HR management.


An additional attraction is that the degree integrates work experience. Many recruiters warn that graduates who have had no previous work experience are unlikely to be successful during the selection process and have little or no chance of receiving a job offer for their organisations’ graduate programmes.


The first students commenced their NOVUS degree in September 2013 at Huddersfield University, chosen because it has been offering first class courses in transport and logistics since 1984. The university is prepared to work closely with NOVUS to deliver top quality graduates with an alumni recognised globally as the very best. After two years, the aim is to roll the NOVUS degree out to other universities, with an ambition to accommodate 450 students per year. 


For further information, visit www.novus.uk.com Tel 01536 740108 or contact Andy Kaye on tel: 01604 876 345 

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