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March 30th 2013


Pubble, the Cork (Dublin & San Francisco) based community engagement platform provider, have joined forces with Stefan Drew, owner of College & Trainer Marketing Ltd, to market their FHE software in the UK. 

Pubble is used extensively throughout Eire, the UK and in the USA and will now be offered directly to the HFE sector in the UK via College & Trainer Marketing Lt”.

Pubble is a community engagement platform that FHE providers can use to answer website questions and engage with prospective and current students via websites and social media.  It enhances FHE websites as it works within both the website and via social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Stefan Drew commented, “The way we engage with prospective students is changing.  Few of them read papers or magazines, so traditional advertising is ineffective. Even conventional websites present these people with problems as they use mobile devices, rather than PCs to visit websites.  Today’s typical student spends more time online and prefers to communicate via Facebook, and mobile phones. 

Linking Pubble to a website or VLE is an ideal way to communicate with them more effectively.”

He continued, “Pubble understand the way young people communicate and have designed the most effective way to build engaged, active communities on FHE websites that I know. The web is being rebuilt around people and those providers that don’t acknowledge this will struggle for numbers.”

Pubble isn’t just being used in FHE.  Adults also favour pubble; in Orange County, California, it is being used to answer questions from local residents on a whole range of problems, including how to pay their speeding fines! 

Pubble demonstrations can be arranged via Stefan Drew. 



For more information please contact Stefan Drew on 07904 897 929 or via StefanDrew@gmail.com

Notes to editors


About Stefan Drew

Stefan Drew is based in Warwickshire and serves provider clients throughout the UK and Europe. 

Previously Director of Marketing at Hartpury College and Director of Marketing Resources at Warwickshire College he has worked in the sector for over 25 years. 


About College and Trainer Marketing Ltd

College & Trainer Marketing Ltd was established in 2005 and serves FHE institutions, SSCs, NSAs, private providers, major education consultancies and government agencies with interim, consultancy and training services.

The College and Trainer Marketing Ltd website is at www.CollegeandTrainerMarketing.com


About Pubble

Pubble’s HQ is based in Kinsale, Co. Cork with branches in Dublin and San Francisco. They have worked extensively with the University & College vertical supplying Pubble to make their site more dynamic and engaging.

Just back from a successful trip to the States where Pubble showcased their Q&A platform at SXSW (South by South West) and Launch 2013, Ross Good, Head of Business Development says “Joining up with Stefan Drew excites us at Pubble. This partnership provides clients of College & Trainer Marketing Ltd with direct access to our effective Social Q&A platform. Stefan’s knowledge of the educational market in the UK, married with his invaluable experience working with a number of the top FHE’s in the country assists us with providing our platform to a wider audience”.

When Stefan says “the web is being rebuilt around people”, Ross Good couldn’t agree more with him. This is where Pubble is at the forefront of providing providers with a platform that proves to their prospective & current students that the College is adapting to match their needs.

Pubble makes is incredibly easy for a student to ask their question about courses they are interested in direct from the course page (see examples below). Our studies showed that circa 65% to 70% of student have one of their social networks open while they are researching about a course that interests them (Facebook being the No 1). The ability for them to ask their question on Pubble by signing in with their Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn removes the requirement for filling in long winded enquiry forms (which in todays world is a deterrent to the vast majority of students). Pubble is quick, simple and current.

The College still benefits with the contact details from the student as if they asked the question via traditional email except with Pubble, the question is also live on each course page. This helps other prospective students, who may have similar questions, and at the same time reducing time spent by admissions staff who are constantly answering the same or similar questions over and over again via our answer prompt.

Some URL’s and testimonials of existing Pubble users in the UK, Ireland, & USA.


(i) UK Live Pubble users:


INTO Higher University Parntership - St.George’s University of London

INTO Higher University Partnership - Newcastle University

South Essex College of Further & Higher Education

UK Open College

UK Learning College


(ii) Ireland Live Pubble users:


GCD (Griffith College Dublin)

IT Blanchardstown (Institute of Technology Blanchardstown)

Limerick Institute of Technology

UL (Univeristy of Limerick)

IT Tralee (Institute of Technology Tralee)

UCD (University College Dublin)


(iii) USA Live Pubble Users:

Study in the USA

Superior Court of California - Orange County Courts

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity


Testimonials :


(i) Tony Lee - INTO Higher University Partnerships:


We are a customer of Pubble for the following reasons:

As a reasonably new yet large organisation 100+ million a year turnover and over 1,000 employees, we look to work with innovative developers. Pubble are certainly that.

We have exacting demands to meet a youth based digital audience. Pubble assist in this task.

We are looking to reach an exact target audience amongst Facebook 1billion users. Pubble enable us to this.

We need to be able to launch projects on time and on budgets Pubble have never failed to deliver.


(ii) Mairead Murphy - Marketing & Development Manager - Institute of Technology Blanchardstown:


Working with the team in Pubble has been a real pleasure.

The system has been simple to implement and yielded immediate benefits for the Marketing team.

We deal with over 1000 emails a month mainly from prospective students. Using the Pubble technology, has made our web pages a much more useful resource for potential students, parents and guidance counsellors.

It has also proved to be a great resource for staff training as the knowledge is shared amongst ourselves and our customers.


Pubble in America - You Tube Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNlrg9KJcWw&feature=youtu.be




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