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Bert Buckley's Press Release (3)

After the riots

“Every school should be determined to bring out in the children in its care all the potential they have and to equip them with the skills and talents needed to make the most of their life chances. The children in our most deprived neighbourhoods deserve just as good a start in life”.

I can remember feeling nauseated, whilst watching the news coverage of the looting, violence, arson and vandalism, last Autumn. In November 2011, an interim report from the Riots, Communities and…


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Mental health and learner retention

According to the BBC psychiatrists are warning that the current generation of students has a greater risk of anxiety and depression than previous ones. The report they cite relates to university students but the pressures are no less in FE.  Student drop out and the resultant loss of funding will continue to impact adversely on colleges’ ability to manage their budgets. Research into why students drop out shows that learners are more likely to…


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What makes an outstanding tutor

Who wants to be a tutor?

After two decades of government reform, pundits say that FE is facing another difficult year, with yet more pressure on funding and giving more value for money. In their efforts to diversify colleges have been successful in attracting a wide range of learners and making them feel comfortable and have an enviable reputation for supporting social mobility and inclusiveness. But given the recent ugly events on the streets of our cities, there is more for…


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