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FE Community is now incorporated into FE News.

The new way to sign up to FE Community and to submit press releases and events is now through the newly launched www.FENews.co.uk

The new site is centred around FE News providing a positive platform for the sector to share best practice, innovation and emerging strategy. FE…


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New Concept FE News site is being launched next week

The new site is centred around FE News providing a positive platform for the sector to share best practice, innovation and emerging strategy. They are merging FE Community back into FE News and the new FE Community will be the heart beat of the new FE News site.…


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Apprenticeships 4 England Awards 2016 Finalist announced

The countdown to the most prestigious event in the Apprenticeships4England calendar begins today with the publication of the finalists for the Apprenticeships 4 England Awards 2016

The Awards celebrate the achievements of quality training providers, employers and new for this year The awards for organistions…


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Yet even more funding cuts: How will you respond?

So, the SFA has spoken, announcing adult funding cuts of up to 24% that for some marks the death knell for Adult FE as we know it…


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30% off construction and engineering teaching staff recruitment fees from Protocol

Protocol is pleased to offer a fantastic 30% off permanent Construction and Engineering academic and management recruitment fees throughout March 2015.*

You may already be aware of our sector leading temporary academic staff recruitment services but did you know that Protocol also supports FE providers with their permanent recruitment needs?  

Our permanent recruitment service offers the same efficiencies and candidate quality processes our clients have learned to expect…


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Protocol Now Offering Non Academic Recruitment Service


Protocol the FE sector’s leading recruitment agency for academic staff, is now providing non-academic recruitment services following an uplift in enquiries over the past few months. 

Protocol has gained its reputation within the…


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FE Careers celebrates 11 year anniversary with new site launch

FE Careers (www.FEcareers.co.uk) has launched a new job advertising site to celebrate their 11 year anniversary. FE Careers is the largest job advertising site in Further Education, Work Based Learning and Employability with more than 1500 jobs live per day and over 600,000 job seeker user sessions per month.

The new FE Careers site has a completely revamped design with the candidate user experience in mind, and also boasts a series of…


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FE Careers announces job advertising partnership with Apprenticeships4England

FE Careers currently the largest job board within the Further Education, WBL, Employability and Skills sector announced today their partnership with the apprenticeship advocate Apprenticeships4England.

Apprenticeships4England is now working in partnership with FE Careers as their sole job advertising partner. www.FECareers.co.uk is the largest job advertising site in the Work Based Learning sector with more than 1500 jobs live per day…


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Student recruitment seen as the biggest challenge in FE

Nigel Rayner, head of Capita's further and higher education business, examines the results of a recent survey of FE staff.

It was interesting to note that nine out of 10 (91%) FE staff surveyed recently by Capita reported that student numbers in their institutions had remained static or increased since last year.

Despite these seemingly healthy numbers, over a third (36%) of…


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Sector shapes qualifications of the future

At the invitation of the Government and on behalf of the whole learning ad skills sector, LSIS is leading the current review of teacher and trainer qualifications, working closely with sector to ensure that the new qualifications meet the needs of our future workforce. The best teaching and training will depend on having the best teachers and trainers.

Following considerable discussions with…


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A relic of the past? Is there a future for the printed prospectus?

In these days of all things social (in media terms), is there still a place for the printed college prospectus? At one time, there was no question that this was the major annual piece of college publicity, aimed at meeting the needs of all the college’s target audiences. Thousands were printed and distributed without much thought, except to spread them as widely as possible. But now, some colleges…


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Engineering apprentices assess their teaching

A gecko might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about high-tech engineering, but the glue-free adhesive tape designed by Professor Andre Geim at the University of Manchester was modelled on the gecko’s setae – tiny bristles on their feet that adhere to surfaces. Studying and imitating nature’s best designs and processes to solve human problems is a burgeoning scientific…


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IEP is open for business

For a long time we in the Welfare to Work and Employability industry bemoaned that many of us seemed to have come to the industry by accident and that somehow this felt like second class citizenship compared to similar roles in related sectors. We wanted to be taken seriously as professionals, to have a career pathway with professional qualifications and to have employability seen as a career…


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GCSE congratulations

For GCSE students today is a nerve-wracking and exciting time, and we want to congratulate those who’ve achieved their aims.

However, it’s also essential to remember that school and education should prepare young people for adult life, not just to pass GCSEs. Technical, practical and…


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A tale of summer holiday learning

The concept of teachers as learners features regularly in debates about professional development, and I am always interested to hear about teachers’ and trainers’ voluntary learning activities, especially those outside their specialist subject or vocational area and away from their workplace. I was particularly intrigued when two colleagues separately told me of their participation in different…


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How the IEP is facilitating Welfare to Work's 'step change'

The welfare to work conference 2012 took place on the 10th and 11thof July, and it was both an exciting and informative conference, not least because it signalled the launch of the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP). The creation of the Institute is a direct response to the needs identified by providers who operate across the sector, and signals a hunger for…


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What professionalism really means: Expansive and restrictive learning environments

A model of the type of learning environment learners or apprentices inhabit when they are engaged in work based-learning has been developed by Lorna Unwin and Alison Fuller.

Their model presents a continuum from ‘expansive’ to ‘restrictive’ learning environments and it has caught the imagination of those shaping opinion in the sector.

A seminar paper published by the IfL…


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It’s time to give young people the Maths and English education they deserve

The discussion about poor levels of numeracy and literacy and the way young people are taught Maths and English in the UK, has been hitting the headlines in recent months. A study by the Sutton Trust showed that English teenagers are half as likely as those in the average developed nation to reach higher levels in Maths, whilst the charity, National Numeracy, released a report revealing…


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Time is the coin of your life

Geoff Russell, outgoing chief executive of the Skills Funding Agency, considers the value of time and timeliness, as he bids farewell to the FE sector.

It’s time for me to bid farewell to FE.

I don’t plan to take up too much of your time; many of you might think that in the past three and a half years I have taken up far too much of it already. I can only claim, in my defence,…


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End of term reflections

The end of the term is rapidly approaching and I spent a few minutes looking at the various demands and dictates arriving on my desk. They range from details of how short notice Ofsted inspections will operate to funding changes and the new adult loans scheme. On top of that and let’s just say we push all of this to one side, there is the bread and butter – actually ensuring that the learners in…


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